Sunday, May 22, 2011

I gots muh her did!

Wow that.... Was strange. But I have blue streaks in my hair and I feel like I can never successfully hide again. It is awesomely fantastic and I also discovered a well known phenomena.... Every book title sounds hilarious with the phrase : in my pants tagged at the end examples:
Vanished in my pants by Meg Cabot
Or The penultimate peril in my pants by lemony snicket

~and remember to eat your carrots


  1. Awesome! I have blue streaks in my hair too! I LOVE them!! But yeah, now it's impossible to hide in a crowd.

  2. Lol yea it is hard I think it's hilarious the looks you get like I'm homeschooled and the homeschool moms think you're crazy!

  3. Thats hilarious! When I got mine my piano teacher freaked out because I was always so quiet around her.

  4. lol I know people were like omg the quiet smart girl has blue hair?!!??!?!!!?????!!!!