Sunday, May 22, 2011

I gots muh her did!

Wow that.... Was strange. But I have blue streaks in my hair and I feel like I can never successfully hide again. It is awesomely fantastic and I also discovered a well known phenomena.... Every book title sounds hilarious with the phrase : in my pants tagged at the end examples:
Vanished in my pants by Meg Cabot
Or The penultimate peril in my pants by lemony snicket

~and remember to eat your carrots

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beth Revis interview!!!!!!

I recently had the honor of interviewing Beth Revis author of across the universe. Thanks so much Beth!!!!!

Selected reader question:

Yahong Chi asks: what does fame feel like?

Beth: Oh, LOL! I don't feel famous at all! Famous people don't do dishes (which I did today) or stay in their pajamas until noon (likewise).

Uncoolcarrots questions (me)

Carrot: Do you write while listening to music if so does it affect the plot?

Beth: I do tend to listen to music--I usually pick about 5 or so songs and listen to them on repeat. I don't think they affect the plot--but then again, I'm sure something happens on a subconscious level. It will be no surprise to know that I listened most often to "Across the Universe" by the Beatles while writing ACROSS THE UNIVERSE :D

Carrot: How long have you wanted to write a novel before "across the universe"?

Beth: For as long as I can remember. I wanted to be a writer in elementary school --at which point my teacher told me I'd never make a living at it, and I should pick a different profession. So, while I did get my degree in English Lit and worked as a teacher, I still kept writing. I wrote ten novels--over the span of a decade--and none of them achieved any success at all. My eleventh novel was ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.

Carrot: Favorite YouTube video?

Beth: Oh, I have no idea! But probably something by Charlie Is So Cool Like.

Carrot: What was the strangest thing that happened while writing across the universe? Did it affect the book? How?

Beth: Nothing at all! I lead a very boring life. But I can say that something that happened last summer while visiting Venice will have an influence on the plot of the third book in the trilogy.

Carrot: What was it like in-between signings on the breathless book tour?

Beth: Exhausting! One of the people who was on tour with me, Brenna Yovanoff (author of THE REPLACEMENT) had the best advice: eat or sleep whenever you can!

Carrot: Any advice for aspiring writers?

Beth: If you have the choice between doing something new or staying in your office and writing, do the new thing. There's a lot of credit to be given to the advice to keep your butt in the chair and write as much as possible, but don't forget that real life makes the best stories.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Questions for Kirsten miller! (and the carrots new logo)


Is the new uncoolcarrot logo I designed hope you like it! Like it to death!
And leave your questions for Kirsten miller in the commentos in the doobillydoo below have fun
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Yet another author interview you say? Well DUH

I am honored to interview Kirsten miller author of these fine books

Questions above same rules yadayada blah blah *insert Charlie brown teacher voice here* ~and remember to eat your carrots!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Questions for Beth revis!

Leave all your questions for Beth in the comments below remember the rules no questions after may 16th 2011 and only three comments per username (no anonymous questions) tell me if you don't want your username shown with your question. ***********NO SPOILERS***********
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BIG PLANS: the reveal.

I have emailed a few authors asking for an interview. I got my first reply: have you read this book?

Ding ding ding we have a winner YES I am interviewing Beth revis any questions for her? Comment and I will pick a few of your questions to ask you must give me questions by may 16th (one week) and only three questions per username if you don't want your username mentioned with your question tell me I am very exited for this tell your friends about it too thanks! *****UPDATE: please post your questions in the post above this labeled questions for Beth revis thanks!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Goodnight and happy moms day

I know I haven't posted in a while I've been spending the day with my cousin Lexi and my mom and nana! Love you mom! My uncle Donnie preached an amazing sermon this morning makes you really appreciate moms! I am going to bed now I have to get up to fix my hair cause if I keep it strait and nice all week I can get blue layers!!!!! In honor of mothers day here you go

Quote of the day #6

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Friday, May 6, 2011


I waited till tonight to write YESTERDAYS post! So here it is:

Five random things that made (may fifth) my day more awesome!!!!

1.This fake public service announcement /\ (up there) /\
2.I touched hot glue and it didn't burn at all!!!
3.I found smiley face earrings in my signature orange and blue!
4.I found my blue sharpie!!!!!
5.I've had 54 views to my blog!!!?~and remember to eat your carrots!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random things that made my day more exiting

1. The picture above /\.

2. My church making a music video for our christian puppet show the video Here(fun fact the voices in the video are done by my awesomely hilarious puppeteering uncle Donnie)

3. My dad singing the afore mentioned song

4. A surprise visit from the amazing friend of mine ally RAWR :)

5. And a genius inside joke LOOK BEHIND YOU

And finally 6. Dislocated individuals.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And another

Quote of the day #6

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QOTD! again

Quote of the day #5

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A dark alley a dead sister and a deadly dream by Lucy lane

This is one of my short stories if you remember from Kirsten miller's contest on her blog a while back.
A dark ally great place for a murder scene. Shadows slowly danced across the fence. I turned on my heal unable to breathe. Then I ran four, five houses down stopping at a yellow house realizing I had no idea where I was. The bushes rumbled I hopped the fence and heard a gunshot. I awoke in a cold sweat. A strange man in a charcoal black suit took my hand and the next thing I knew I was in a limo with windows tinted so black I couldn't see out of them. We arrived at a place I can only describe as futuristic and cold he led me in after blindfolding me for "protection" and I swear he led me in circles for an hour but finale removed my blindfold and I stepped into a black room with a bright light in the middle. I was thrown into a corner and the heavy door closed. I screamed but nothing happened. The light flickered out and I saw a dark figure advance towards me though I didn't see the door open the figure was just my older sister who had been dead since I was seven, no big deal. She told me I wasn't safe here but it was too late I fell asleep and never awoke.

And that's my story hope you like it and apologize for any typos I tried

~and remember to eat your carrots!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Quote of the day #4

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Quote of the day #3

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Quote of the day #2

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Quote of the day #1

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Well hello there!

Above: I loooovvvee squirrels
This is my new blog hope I don't frustrate anyone by switching blogs! I would like to introduce quote of the day in my next post and some short stories soon~Lucy =D