Friday, April 27, 2012


I have started a new blog (Abnerette) and I will be posting there. More info on the new site, its been fun, carrots.    

                                          Love, Lucy

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Without further ado...... My trip to Colorado!

Leaving home:

Texas: where the clouds are made of cotton candy and unicorn fur.

Golden arches in new mexico!

Thats what I like about...... Denver???

The carrot's family reunion. (no this is not a painting.... Just really well edited photograph)
We're HERE!

All those littles specks are paper airplanes..... People get bored.

Some dude started a wave!

Then we hiked....

And hiked.

And hiked....

And guess what guys?! We hiked!!!!!

Gabe didn't do much hiking.

See he just sat.

After emerging from deep in the mountains we went to a thrift store..... Where I saw THE worst tie ever. EVER.

Eh. What's up doc?

So that's about all the pictures I took! What would you guys think if I did a weekly adventure like this where I take pictures and caption them and stuff..... You like this, yes. *strokes beard*

~and remember to eat your carrots!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

NaNoWriMo, absence, and why I don't write fan fiction.

Hey Guys! So as always I have been entirely absent of the bloggerverse. Call me John, but this post comes to you in three parts!

Part one: I am doing NaNoWriMo this year, are you? This is my first year and I just wanted to ask: who else is? If you are just comment below or send me a tweet (I am always on twitter) we could have word battles or something. Yea? (I said yea as another ode to john green)NERDFIGHTASTIC!!!

Part two: So in my absence I decided two things:
2. Uncoolcarrot is starting to look a little busy and my post have lost their vigor.
So during November I will not blog HERE, the site will be under construction going back to the perfect simplicity of the earlier carrot. But I should add, is my writing blog and I will update my word count and stuff there...... Yea?

Part three: why I don't write fan fiction. I've always thought fanfic to be a bit cheesy. I feel that if an author creates a character, they should completely control that character. If you took one of the muppets and set them in the middle of Hogwarts, is it still THE muppets? No! It's a felt frog at a school for wizards. I for one find it un-original. Find your own character.

~and remember to eat your carrots!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Disney channel is EVIL

Modern entertainment is, lets face it, terrible. Cartoon network writers are on angel dust. Nickelodeon can't think of any lasting idea, therefore squeeze everything they could possibly get out of spongebob. Then there's the dreaded Disney channel. Ooooohhhh disney channel. Where do I start?! Disney channel caters to the modern idea of ten year olds being teens, and bad ones at that. Shows like "Hannah montanna" and "Shake it up" would make Walt Disney roll over in his grave. Anyone that has ever even heard of me would know one thing if not anything else: I love "a goofy movie"
But other Disney animation too:
Goof troop
House of mouse
Timon and pumbaa
Rescue rangers
Shall I go on? When I was younger I could go and WATCH reruns of these on the TELEVISION! Now you have to have the EVERLOVIN OSHBEGOSH BOX SET SEASON!!!!! (or a lot of patience with the Internet) to watch these.
Plus it's not JUST the shows used to have games, fun ones.
I know I sound like such a child but if I wanted to play EVERLOVIN Hannah craptanna I would go to!!!!!!
My point: they ripped my OSHBEGOSH childhood off of the Internet and out of my hands. If I wanted to show my brother or kids, I couldn't.
So are you with me?!

~and remember to eat your carrots!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Secret series book 5 (You have to stop this by p. Bosch) release party!

Book five in the secret series (The name of this book is secret, if you're reading this it's too late, this book is not good for you, and this isn't what it looks like) is coming out this month, so in honor of Cass I'm giving away a survivalist bracelet!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog, any post at all before September 30th (if you have EVER commented on this blog at all you get an automatic entry!)

~and remember to eat your carrots!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's tonight!!!

so are you ready for the tweetfest? I've provided a checklist to see if you are REALLY ready.

1. twittering device?
2. following me llmcgillicutie
3. are you prepared to have your mind blown?!?!
4. log on at 5:30 EST (3:00 MDT)
5. whilst thy wait for thy awesomeness READ MY DADS BLOG!!! (ITS PRETTY AWESOME!)
6. ~and remember to eat your carrots!