Thursday, October 20, 2011

NaNoWriMo, absence, and why I don't write fan fiction.

Hey Guys! So as always I have been entirely absent of the bloggerverse. Call me John, but this post comes to you in three parts!

Part one: I am doing NaNoWriMo this year, are you? This is my first year and I just wanted to ask: who else is? If you are just comment below or send me a tweet (I am always on twitter) we could have word battles or something. Yea? (I said yea as another ode to john green)NERDFIGHTASTIC!!!

Part two: So in my absence I decided two things:
2. Uncoolcarrot is starting to look a little busy and my post have lost their vigor.
So during November I will not blog HERE, the site will be under construction going back to the perfect simplicity of the earlier carrot. But I should add, is my writing blog and I will update my word count and stuff there...... Yea?

Part three: why I don't write fan fiction. I've always thought fanfic to be a bit cheesy. I feel that if an author creates a character, they should completely control that character. If you took one of the muppets and set them in the middle of Hogwarts, is it still THE muppets? No! It's a felt frog at a school for wizards. I for one find it un-original. Find your own character.

~and remember to eat your carrots!