Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Five parts OF AWESOME

Hola uncoolreaders (we'll get to that in a sec.)I am sitting in traffic right now and for lack of a better reason this post comes to you in five parts {OF AWESOME}

Part one: after much disscussion (with myself) I have decided my readers need an official term that term shall be.... Uncoolreaders Congrats to my uncoolreaders for.... Erm being uncool. ANYWAYYYS

Part two: if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find little black squares with white numbers on them. That my friends is a little minutes that counts the page views and last time I checked I had 300 THREE ZERO ZERO uncoolreaders

Part three: I am considering participating in NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) a program in November where you write 1900 words a day and write a novel in a month (self explanatory)

Part four: this week I am in Dallas to go to a book signing featuring Rick Riordan author of the PERCY JACKSON SERIES which is pretty darn AWESOME!!!!!!!

Part five: for reasons obvious I am a nerd.

Bonus: this is NOT a sixth part!!! Just..... News! I have fixed the comments! Now EVERYONE CAN COMMENT!!! ~and remember to eat your carrots!


  1. YOU GET TO MEET RICK RIORDAN??? LUCKY!!! I absolutely am obsessed with those books! My room is Camp Half Blood themed, and I have a Camp Half Blood t-shirt!

  2. Oh yeah, and how do you get that count thingy at the bottom of the page?

  3. THATS SO AWESOME!!!! (your room) I know Percy Jackson is SOOOOOO awesome I'm such a nerd I screened when Percy and Annabeth kissed in the last Olympian. And to get the page count thing you go to your blog design page and click add a widget and it's somewhere on there. Hope that helps!