Monday, June 20, 2011

This. Day. Could. NOT. get. Any. Stinking. Better.

This morning I got up at 7 to go ride my bike around the bad neighborhood and deliver lunches to children who can't get them. It was amazing. There the best moment ever is when a little three year old girl in tattered clothes and covered in dirt can smile ear to ear and say "thank God bless you!" it just makes your whole day worth while. After that I sat and wrote out some outlines for my novel *WHICH I LOVE*. I finish that and stroll over to my blog and *BAM!* Beth STINKING Revis FOLLOWS my blog!!!! If you don't know who she is she is one of my fave authors she wrote this book

And I interviewed her in my blog a while back. AWESOME! this is also day two of my vegetarian for a week thing. Going GREAT I had this guy names cannon in my youth group offer me a corn dog and I was like no I'm a vegetarian for a week and Cannon being spethial as he is goes "I don't give a crap take the corn dog!" lol I'm gonna go to bed now gotta babysit my little brother in the morning *yawn* ~and remember to eat your carrots!

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