Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Iceybooks: if I was Amy from ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by Beth Revis contest entry

This is not a normal post but I hope it will be interesting anyways:
If I was Amy I would probably jump out of the hatch into the stars.... But THAT would NOT make for a good sequel (the title would be something along the lines of: aaaaaaggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!! XD) so if it was a book here's a short story from Amy's point of view:
*********SPOILER ALERT**********
*********SPOILER ALERT**********
*********SPOILER ALERT**********

I stared out into the stars confused. I hate Elder for unplugging me. HOW? HOW? HOW COULD HE BE SO SELFISH?!?!?!?! I cried silently to myself, but somewhere a tiny voice deep inside of me whispered: Was it really just because he loves me?
Was it just out of blind love? And then louder: should I forgive him?
All questions. This ship is full of unanswered questions. And then something strange happened the little whisper turned into an aggressive question:
DO I LOVE HIM?!?!? and a whisper again: "yes." I said aloud but very softly through tears and then I cried, cried until the stars blurred into a swirl and I fell asleep by the hatch and as close to home as I ever will be again.

hope you like it and I hope I win thanks!!!!~and remember to eat your carrots!

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