Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh yeah.... I have a blog!

*tired sigh* why? Why am I blogging?!?! Oh it's just that the carrot owns me. I. Don't. Know. What. To. Blog. About!!!!! Grrrrrr.... This post is sooooo boring! Ugh! How's about a sneak peek at my NaNoWriMo novel? Yeah that's it! Here goes nothing!

I pulled my phone out of my pocket. Dead. I pushed the keyboard lock button out of habit. Dirt. Sun. Rock. That coke bottle has potential. I snapped a picture with my camera. Amarillo is a bit.... Erm, dry. It hasn't rained here in at least three months. And probably won't for another four. Lord help us. I stuffed my camera into my yellow *well it was yellow about three years ago* bag and started back to my house. I saw a boy on roller-skates obviously showing off I scoffed. He was blonde and tall he did a little spin and winked I turned away dramatically my blue and brownish hair flipping limply behind me. THUMP. I ran into a tree and fell into the grass. Well that ought to run the stalker off. No such luck. "Hey blue hair! You ok?" No. "yea blondie, I'm just peachy."
"Um." he said holding up a smashed blue pile of glass and plastic ignoring my "blondie" comment. "is this your--" "My camera!" I shot to my feet *or tried to* a piercing pain like a needle stuck in my ankle and I sat back down with a plop. The boy offered a hand "I'm Jay." I grinned. "Xia." I said taking the hand. "I'll help you home." he offered, I looked down at the rollerblades "Are you sure you can skate me home?" "Yea." he replied "I'm pretty good with them." he started skate stomping while I leaned on his shoulder. My house was pretty close and my ankle felt better I stood up strait and started worrying about my camera. "I'm sorry about your camera." he said still gripping my hand it's like he read my mind. "it's not your fault." I coaxed. Though it totally was his fault. "I'll get you a new one." he said. Did he not know that camera cost 200 dollars? "How would you be able to? That camera was pretty expensive." " I'll even get you a better one my.... Um parents have money." I stepped onto the street corner. "Come over Monday my house is the purple one two streets down." "ok whatever blondie."
Sure that'll happen. "watch it Tia." he warned "Xia!" I said halfway down the street. I pushed the red door to my house open. It creaked. Loudly. My older sister leaned against the stairwell smirking "you like him." she taunted. "He pushed me into a tree and broke my camera." she rolled her eyes still smirking. "and then he walked you home and asked you out." she had to do this? Now? "Oh just go fix your hair or something Cait!" I stomped off into my room and pushed the door closed. My room was small I had a bed made with black stained wood. A blanket on it with a black and blue paisley print. My walls were painted teal but you wouldn't be able to tell because it was covered with black and white photos I took. On the floor was a beanbag chair *blue* and a lap desk *also blue* covered with papers and pens. On my bed was a black laptop. The screen was covered with files, Some entitled NOVEL others SHORT STORY CONTEST ENTRY12 or 13 and so on. I write. Like a lot and I have been since I could hold a pencil. "We need to go!" a voice said. A girl about my age materialized out of thin air "now!" she cried "go where? What?" I stuttered "the car. Away. Anywhere but here Xia!" she said grabbing my hand and practically dragging my out the door and into a blue limo. "where are you taking me?!" I struggled out of her grip but I was already in the car. A man in his thirties turned around from the drivers seat. "the safe house." he said as if that explained everything. I guess Jay won't be getting my visit Monday. "that boy was not to be trusted. Understand?" Am I that predictable or did I miss some big mind reading 101 class?! We drove in tense silence. We stopped at a white building and I was yanked out of the car and pushed towards the door. The white building was cold. I was given a blue plaid skirt and a white shirt. A woman in a black pant-suit showed me to a room where I changed. The woman came back and gave me a schedule and watch.

6:00 PGEP training
7:00am breakfast
7:30am equipment
8:00am tech training
9:00am invisibility
10:00am fighting
11:00am clean up
12:00am lunch
1:00pm survival tech.
2:00pm clean up
3:00pm fitness
4:00pm meditation
5:00pm mind reading training
6:00pm bed

What. The. Heck. There were ALOT of things wrong with this. I didn't want to test the woman's patience so I picked the worst issue with this. "Bed? At six?" "Da." the woman replied in a thick Russian accent. "you guys must really be party animals." I retorted. I saw a flash of pale skin and nails and my arms were pinned to the wall and the woman's nails dug into my skin. "children are seen not heard." she said grumbling. She let go of my hands leaving three tiny marks on each arm. "Go to bunk five and STAY THERE." she ordered. I stomped back into the room and she glared at me with catlike eyes until I was under the covers. I tossed and turned all night. It seems I finally got to sleep the second I was supposed to wake up. I had no idea were I was. I got out of bed and watched fifty girls my age bustling and whispering and pointing. At me. I fingered my hair. I guess they've never seen blue hair before. A second later it's like a bell rang in their minds. They all stood up straight in a tight jerk and walked in perfect line out the door. I didn't follow. The woman with the russian accent came in with her hands poised around a long thin stick, and I don't think it was made for peaceful use. "come with me.... Girl." she said girl like she would have said evil. I obeyed silently. The woman said her name was Cara but I would only call her by ma'am. We walked in tired silence into a sad black room with a chair in the middle like you would see in a hair salon. Cara walked head held high into the room and stood behind the chair. She motioned me to sit in the chair. I did. An hour past and my hair was blonde. "You have training in one hour." "what about P-um GG? or whatever?" "That." she replied "is for the boys." I walked "outside" aka a glass room where I was greeted by pointing.... And staring. A girl with black hair and a light complexion walked over to me. Eyes diverted. To her. "ignore them." she said. Again with the mind reading?

And that's it! Hope you like it! ~and remember to eat your carrots!

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