Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm not gonna blog I'm on vacation. I'm not gonna gonna blog I'm on vacation. CRAD! I'm blogging/ JULY NERDINESS kickoff!

As you can tell I'm on vacation for the 4th and I was trying to keep off of the web for a while. EPIC. FAIL. grrrrrr. Well since I have to blog let's kick off the JULY NERDINESS blogfest!!!!! Ok here you go:

since it's forth of July week let's get patriotic.... AND NERDY!

Step one: locate your favorite book.
Step two: redesign your favorite book cover.
Step three: post new cover to your blog.
Step four: leave a link to said post in the comments ON THIS POST!!!!
step five: follow the rules below for your cover.

American flag must somehow be incorporated in your cover
Entries are due by tuesday July 12th 
Links to blog IN COMMENTS ON THIS POST!!!!!! 

What you win: 
3rd place: two page crits on your NaNoWriMo or NiNoWriMo WIP
2nd place: ten page crit on NaNo or NiNo WIP
1st prize (since it's the fourth of July the first prize is): a Fantastic FOUR comic *keepin it nerdy* good luck my uncoolreaders!

P.s. Please leave in your comment if you do not want me to crit your WIP.

~and remember to eat your carrots!

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