Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Katie Alender interview!

Here is my interview with this lovely author:

That wrote this fantastic book:

Reader question from SHADOWHUNTER on goodreads:

How did you get started writing?

I've been writing pretty much since third grade. In terms of novels, I
was working in development for TV, coming up with show ideas for kids
and teens. We worked on so many big ideas that never went anywhere,
because the networks were looking for something else--I wanted to
write something that would take an idea all the way from the first
"what if?" all the way to finding out the ending! So I decided to
write a book.

Now MY questions!

Carrot: Favorite authors?
Katie: Paula Danziger, Jane Austen, Amy Tan, DH Lawrence, Roald Dahl, Stephen
King, JK Rowling

C: Do you listen to music while you write? If so do you think it affects
the plot at all?

K: I don't listen to music at the exact time I'm writing... I listen to
music between writing sessions! I have a playlist for each book that
definitely reflects the mood and feeling of the entire project, or
even specific scenes and character relationships. I'd say the plot
affects the music rather than the other way around.

Zombies or Unicorns *hint ZOMBIES*
But if I choose unicorns, my magical unicorn friend can help me skewer
zombies while I ride around on his back. So...

C: A Goofy Movie or Scooby Doo?
I never saw A Goofy Movie! *cringe* Dare I say it was "after my time"?
Scooby Doo by default! But really I prefer the Jetsons. Love that
futuristic world!

C: What is the best "fan encounter" ever on tour?

K: I've never been on tour, but I've been to lots of events and met tons
of fans. I would say one of the most memorable was recently when some
authors and book bloggers went out to dinner after an event. I was
driving a bunch of bloggers, and a city bus almost drove right into my
car! So now I have a reputation for being a terrible driver, even
though it was totally not my fault!

And lastly I have to ask:

C: Best "Evil Squirrel" story

K: Well, right now our evil squirrels are the ones who eat all of our
peaches before they're ripe. The worst part is that they'll get a
peach down from the tree, take one little bite, and then leave it
sitting on the railing. It's like they don't even want the
peaches--they just don't want us to have them! Another crazy squirrel
encounter I had was at my old house, when I looked out into the
backyard one day to see a squirrel stretched out spread-eagle in the
grass, totally motionless. I thought maybe he'd gotten electrocuted on
the power lines and fallen, and I was worried about having a dead
squirrel in my yard. So I watched him for a couple of hours, and he
didn't move. Then, all of a sudden, he got up and left. I still wonder
what the heck he was doing.

C: And that's all! Thanks for doing this!

K:My pleasure!

Here's a page with useful links to images and all katie's webby info.

Who should I interview next? (please tell me emails or contact info). ~and remember to eat your carrots!

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