Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh crap! Thank God it's still technically July 15 FLASH FICTION BLOGFEST!

It's independence day and the unexpected happens.....

I walked quietly towards the food table I counted about fifty bowls of potato salad and recoiled. I dropped my empty plate in the trash. Forth of July food is not the greatest. To say the least. I plopped down at an empty table and seconds later I was joined with my cousin Zach. "Sucks we can't have fireworks. Burn ban, smurn sman." he said suddenly. I replied with a nod and sigh. POP! we all turned around wide eyed. To a fire that came suddenly out of nowhere and spreading over the grass like, um wildfire. It caught the corner of the tent and people swarmed in panic. Once the fire was finally out the park was practically in ashes a grumble seemed to let out over the entire body of people and soon everyone had driven away. Thank God, I thought. I don't have to eat the potato salad, I mean nobody died!

~and remember to eat your carrots!


  1. ROFL!!! Hey now, potato salad isn't THAT bad, is it?

    Great entry Lucy! Thanks for playing along!

  2. Funny - I hate everyone's potato salad, but my own, so I can understand how you feel.

  3. I'm not a fan of potato salad unless I make it, either. Worse things could happen. Good job.

  4. I think potatoe salad and the Fourth of July have become synonmous. :)

  5. Funny story Lucy. Isn't it amazing what inspires a story.