Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Disney channel is EVIL

Modern entertainment is, lets face it, terrible. Cartoon network writers are on angel dust. Nickelodeon can't think of any lasting idea, therefore squeeze everything they could possibly get out of spongebob. Then there's the dreaded Disney channel. Ooooohhhh disney channel. Where do I start?! Disney channel caters to the modern idea of ten year olds being teens, and bad ones at that. Shows like "Hannah montanna" and "Shake it up" would make Walt Disney roll over in his grave. Anyone that has ever even heard of me would know one thing if not anything else: I love "a goofy movie"
But other Disney animation too:
Goof troop
House of mouse
Timon and pumbaa
Rescue rangers
Shall I go on? When I was younger I could go and WATCH reruns of these on the TELEVISION! Now you have to have the EVERLOVIN OSHBEGOSH BOX SET SEASON!!!!! (or a lot of patience with the Internet) to watch these.
Plus it's not JUST the shows used to have games, fun ones.
I know I sound like such a child but if I wanted to play EVERLOVIN Hannah craptanna I would go to!!!!!!
My point: they ripped my OSHBEGOSH childhood off of the Internet and out of my hands. If I wanted to show my brother or kids, I couldn't.
So are you with me?!

~and remember to eat your carrots!

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  1. I know! The channels today aren't the same! Nickelodeon now has shows that are full of dumb characters, Cartoon Network is headed there, and Disney...sigh.