Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Without further ado...... My trip to Colorado!

Leaving home:

Texas: where the clouds are made of cotton candy and unicorn fur.

Golden arches in new mexico!

Thats what I like about...... Denver???

The carrot's family reunion. (no this is not a painting.... Just really well edited photograph)
We're HERE!

All those littles specks are paper airplanes..... People get bored.

Some dude started a wave!

Then we hiked....

And hiked.

And hiked....

And guess what guys?! We hiked!!!!!

Gabe didn't do much hiking.

See he just sat.

After emerging from deep in the mountains we went to a thrift store..... Where I saw THE worst tie ever. EVER.

Eh. What's up doc?

So that's about all the pictures I took! What would you guys think if I did a weekly adventure like this where I take pictures and caption them and stuff..... You like this, yes. *strokes beard*

~and remember to eat your carrots!

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